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Adriano Celentano (Italian: [adriˈaːno tʃelenˈtaːno]; born 6 January 1938) is an Italian musician, singer, composer, actor, and filmmaker. He is dubbed "il Molleggiato" (the flexible one) because of his dancing.

Celentano has released many record albums which have enjoyed enormous commercial and critical success.

He is often credited as the author of both the music and lyrics of his songs, although, according to his wife Claudia Mori, sometimes they were written in collaboration with others. Due to his prolific career and great success, both in Italy and the rest of the world, he is considered one of the pillars of Italian music.

Celentano is also recognized for being particularly perceptive of changes in the music business. He is credited for having introduced rock and roll to Italy, a genre that held ...


Born6 Jan. 1938 (Age: 84), in Milano
Years active64
Married to

Claudia Mori (1964-)

ChildrenGiacomo CelentanoRosita CelentanoRosalinda Celentano
Label(s)Clan CelentanoAriolaMusicJollyTELDECSeven SeasCGDRTI MusicPDUSAAR


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