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Barbara Piévic (Serbian: Пјевић; Pjević, born 10 April 1993), known professionally as Barbara Pravi, is a French singer, songwriter and actress from Paris. After signing with Capitol Music France in 2015, she released two extended plays with the label: Barbara Pravi (2018) and Reviens pour l'hiver (2020). As a songwriter, Pravi has written songs for a number of artists including Yannick Noah, Julie Zenatti, Chimène Badi and Jaden Smith. She additionally composed the song "J'imagine" by Valentina, which won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Pravi represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song "Voilà", securing 2nd place, the best result for France since 1991. Her debut album, On N’enferme Pas Les Oiseaux was released in August 2021.


Born10 Apr. 1993 (Age: 28), in Paris
Years active6
Label(s)Capitol Music FranceUniversal MusicCapitol Records


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