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William Everett Preston (September 2, 1946 – June 6, 2006) was an American musician, whose work encompassed R&B, rock, soul, funk, and gospel. Preston was a top session keyboardist in the 1960s, during which he backed artists such as Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, the Everly Brothers, Reverend James Cleveland, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. He gained attention as a solo artist with hit singles such as "That's the Way God Planned It", the Grammy-winning "Outa-Space", "Will It Go Round in Circles", "Space Race", "Nothing from Nothing", and "With You I'm Born Again". Additionally, Preston co-wrote "You Are So Beautiful", which became a #5 hit for Joe Cocker.

Preston is the only non-Beatle musician to be given a credit on a Beatles recording at the band's request; the group's 1969 single "Get Back" was credited as "The Beatles with Billy Preston". He continued to record and perform with George Harrison after the Beatles' b...


Born2 Sep. 1946, in Houston
Died6 June 2006 (Aged: 59), in Scottsdale
AreaUnited States
Years active44
Role(s)ClavinetOrganPianoKeyboardElectric PianoWurlitzer Electric PianoRhodes PianoHammond OrganBackground Vocals
Label(s)A&M RecordsApple RecordsMotownCapitol RecordsHip‐O RecordsVogueSoulMusic RecordsVee-Jay RecordsReal Gone MusicCastle Communications


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