De Dijk - Sondz


De Dijk (English: The Dike) is a Dutch rock band which formed in 1981. The band is named after Zeedijk, a street in their hometown Amsterdam. Their music can be described as a mixture of soul, blues and rock 'n roll, with lyrics sung only in Dutch, except for their 2010 album Hold On Tight; the song 'Enough is Enough', both of which are sung in English by Solomon Burke; and Stupid Guy from the album Wakker in een vreemde wereld, performed in English by the regular band. They are considered one of the most important Dutch acts of the past 40 years.

De Dijk was formed by Huub van der Lubbe, who also is an actor and poet, his brother Hans van der Lubbe and Nico Arzbach. The band started in a time when Dutch language pop music became highly popular, with bands like Doe Maar, Het Goede Doel and Toontje Lager. Van der Lubbe performs as a poet as well. Perhaps as a consequence, the band is not only popular with teenagers but also with older people. Durin...


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Nu of nou2019Nu of nou
De mooiste collectie2013De mooiste collectie
Scherp de zeis2011Scherp de zeis
Hold on Tight2010Hold on Tight
Later is nu2005Later is nu
Muzikanten dansen niet2002Muzikanten dansen niet


Michiel Hoogenboezem
Michiel HoogenboezemProducerEngineerMix
JB Meijers
JB MeijersGuitarProducerRecording
Amsterdam Sinfonietta
Amsterdam SinfoniettaPerforming orchestraCredit
John Sonneveld
John SonneveldProducerEngineer
De Hot Haarlemmer Dijk Horns
De Hot Haarlemmer Dijk HornsCreditPerformerInstrument
Solomon Burke
Solomon BurkeVocalCredit
Maarten Treurniet
Maarten TreurnietProducerEngineer
Frank Klunhaar
Frank KlunhaarProducer
John Kriek
John KriekProducer
Roland Brunt
Roland BruntTenor saxophone