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Elba Ramalho (born August 17, 1951, in Conceição, Paraíba) is a Brazilian songwriter, performer, poet and actress. She is sometimes called "The Queen of Forró".

In addition to her successful solo career, Elba has collaborated with a number of well-established Brazilian acts, including Alceu Valença and her first cousin Zé Ramalho.

In 2019, her album O Ouro do Pó da Estrada was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Roots Album. On 2021, she received another nomination for the same category, this time for the album Eu e Vocês.


Born17 Aug. 1951 (Age: 70), in Paraíba
Years active43
ChildrenLuã Mattar
Label(s)BMG Brasil Ltda.PolyGramSony MusicEpicCBSAriolaUniversal Music Ltda.BarclayWarner Music BrasilVerve World


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