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Christopher Comstock (born May 19, 1992), known professionally as Marshmello, is an American electronic music producer and DJ. His songs "Silence", "Wolves", "Friends", "Happier", and "Alone" have been certified multi-platinum in several countries and appeared in the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100. His musical style includes groove-oriented, synth and bass-heavy electronic dance music. He is managed by Moe Shalizi.

Marshmello first gained international recognition in early 2015 by publishing remixes online. His debut studio album, Joytime, was released in January 2016, which included the lead single and Marshmello's debut single "Keep It Mello". "Alone", a platinum-certified single was released in May 2016 via the Canadian record label Monstercat. Having peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 60, it became his first single to be certified pl...


Born19 May 1992 (Age: 29), in Philadelphia
AreaUnited States
Years active7
Label(s)Joytime CollectiveAstralwerksInterscope RecordsGeffen Records[no label]MonstercatRCARepublic RecordsAsylum RecordsEffective Records


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