Option 30 - Sondz


Option 30 was an American new wave band from the early 1980s founded by Timothy K. ("TK") Smith on guitars and lead vocals, Jim Nordstrom on bass and vocals, and Todd Nero on drums and vocals. For a time, the band also featured a young Trent Reznor on keyboards and lead vocals. Option 30's style was similar to that of Falco and early albums by The Police.

The band performed at clubs in and around Northwestern and Central Pennsylvania, and Northern Ohio as often as three times a week while Nero and Reznor were attending Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. After Reznor departed, the band continued on as a power trio with Smith on lead vocals. At this point, the band began performing a number of additional original songs penned by Smith and Nordstrom. Option 30 broke up in 1986

Not long after Reznor left, he joined The Innocent then onto Exotic Birds and finally, forming his own band, Nine Inch Nails.


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