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Richard Norris was born 23 June 1965 and is a London-based record producer, song writer, sound engineer, musician, DJ and author. He is best known as a member of electronic dance band The Grid. Richard has also worked as a producer and engineer since the 80s with artists such as: Bryan Ferry, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Marc Almond, Joe Strummer and the Pet Shop Boys.

Norris began making music as a teenage member of St. Albans punk band Innocent Vicars. Vicars recorded two singles in 1980: "Antimatter" and "Funky Town" for the independent No Brain Records. Norris started working in the music industry as the label manager for the British psychedelic record label Bam Caruso before becoming a writer for NME in 1987.


Also performed asFurtherThe Time & Space Machine
Born23 June 1965 (Age: 56), in London
AreaUnited Kingdom
Years active42
Label(s)Group MindThrone of Blood


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