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Ryan Tedder (born June 26, 1979) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. As well as being the lead vocalist of the pop rock band OneRepublic, he has an independent career as a songwriter and producer for various artists since the mid-2000s, including Adele, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, MØ, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Logic, Paul McCartney, Blackpink, and Twice.

Tedder's production and songwriting work has proven commercially successful. "Apologize", performed by OneRepublic, "Bleeding Love", performed by Leona Lewis, and "Halo", performed by Beyoncé, all made the list of best-selling singles of all time. In early 2014, Billboard named him "The Undercover King of Pop" and featured him on the magazine's cover. He is one of the producers on the reality show Songland. He is a three-time recipient of the Grammy Award for Album of t...


Born26/6/1979 (Age: 42)
AreaUnited States
Years active14
Label(s)Def Jam RecordingsRefune RecordsCherrytree RecordsEpicPerfecto RecordsInterscope Records


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