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Savage Aural Hotbed (abbreviated as SAH) is a "found object" band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Formed in 1988, SAH is a four-member band that performs instrumental percussive and ambient music. They are heavily influenced by Japanese taiko drumming, but also feature usage of home-made instruments, metal and plastic barrels, saw-blades, power-tools, and other hardware, both in the albums and in the live shows. They have released seven albums.

The band has been embraced by industrial, techno, and contemporary classical music enthusiasts. They have also worked with many different dance troupes including Ballet of the Dolls and the Flying Foot Forum. Savage Aural Hotbed has also been featured in an article on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition. They have won four Minnesota Music Awards.

Current members are Mark Black, Stuart DeVaan, Dean Hawthorne, and William Melton.

Past members are David Sarrazin, Valts Treibergs, and Tom Z...


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