The Breeders - Sondz


The Breeders are an American alternative rock band based in Dayton, Ohio, consisting of members Kim Deal (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), her twin sister Kelley Deal (lead guitar, vocals), Josephine Wiggs (bass guitar, vocals) and Jim Macpherson (drums).

The earliest incarnation of the band was formed by Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly in 1989 as a side-project alongside their full-time bands Pixies and Throwing Muses respectively. To record their debut album, 1990's Pod, Deal and Donelly recruited bassist Josephine Wiggs of The Perfect Disaster and drummer Britt Walford of Slint. Kim's sister Kelley was brought into the band as a third guitarist (though at the time, Kelley famously had never played guitar before joining the band) in 1992 to record the Safari EP, and shortly thereafter Tanya Donelly left to concentrate full-time on her own new band, Belly, leaving Kelley Deal as the sole lead guitarist, while Britt Walford left a...


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All Nerve2018All Nerve
Mountain Battles2008Mountain Battles
Title TK2002Title TK
Last Splash1993Last Splash


Mark Freegard
Mark FreegardProducerEngineerRemixer
Andy Taub
Andy TaubEngineer (assistant)
Steve Albini
Steve AlbiniEngineerRecordingMix
Eric Gorman
Eric GormanMix (assistant)
Matt Boynton
Matt BoyntonMix
Mike Montgomery
Mike MontgomeryRecording
Greg Norman
Greg NormanRecording (additional)Recording
J Mascis
J MascisProducerPerformerRemixerGuestCredit
John Agnello
John AgnelloEngineer
Daniel Presley
Daniel PresleyRecordingEngineer