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G.O.O.D. Morning, G.O.O.D. Night, is the second studio album by Chicago-based artist Malik Yusef. It features collaborations with Kanye West and several performers signed to his label GOOD Music. The project contains two CDs, "Dusk" and "Dawn", each of which has a special meaning:

"Dusk and Dawn represent the two sides to everything. That's how we keep from making the mistake of going too far into the other. Night and Day, Ying and Yang. Everything flows into the universe and we are all a part of it."

However these were released separately. Originally, each album had 12 songs, representing the 24 hours of the day, however Malik announced later that each album would feature 15 tracks. The project was intended to bring together the strongest Chicago-based artists. The project features many other GOOD Music artists, including Big Sean, Really Doe, Common, Mr Hudson, GLC and John Legend, alongside well-known ...


Release date8/6/2009
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language, scriptLatin
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Goodness knows where he finds the time, but another Kanye West project drops thi...

Goodness knows where he finds the time, but another Kanye West project drops this week. G.O.O.D Morning G.O.O.D Night is a two disc collaboration with poet / rapper / actor Malik Yusef. Split into red hued Dawn and grey tinged Dusk discs, they show how a comfortable balance between long-term friends can produce some great music.
At first they seem a strange pairing – the exuberant, in-your-face fashionista West at odds with street poet Yusef, who cites Shakespeare...

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