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Physical Graffiti is the sixth studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was released as a double album on 24 February 1975 by the group's new record label, Swan Song Records.

The band wrote and recorded eight new songs for the album in early 1974 at Headley Grange, a country house in Hampshire, which gave them ample time to improvise arrangements and experiment with recording. The total playing time covered just under three sides of an LP, so they decided to expand it into a double by including previously unreleased tracks from the sessions for the earlier albums Led Zeppelin III, Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy. The album covered a range of styles including hard rock, progressive rock, rock 'n' roll and folk. The album was then mixed over summer 1974 and planned for an end-of year release; however, its release was delayed because the Peter Corriston-designed die-cut album cover proved diff...


Release date24/2/1975
CountryUnited States
Label(s)Swan Song
CatalogueSS 2-200
Language, scriptLatin
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By 1975 no one was bigger or heavier than [Zeppelin](

By 1975 no one was bigger or heavier than [Zeppelin]( America was punch drunk after the quadruple whammy of their first four albums, each supported by tours that went from scene-stealing support slots to stadium-filling three-hour marathons, almost overnight. Even the slightly below average (ie: one or two sub-par tracks) *Houses Of The Holy *(1973) hadn't dented their reputation one jot. The world, and its attendant pleasures,...

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