Tim's Bio: From the Motion Picture: Life From da Bassment - Timbaland - Sondz


Tim's Bio: From The Motion Picture - Life From Da Bassment is a 1998 album released by Blackground Records. Though nominally the debut solo album by R&B/hip-hop producer Timbaland, the LP is technically a compilation of tracks produced by Timbaland and often – though not strictly – featuring his vocals. A litany of guest stars appear on Tim's Bio, from Timbaland's "Swing Mob" partners Magoo, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Playa, and Skillz, to outside performers Nas, Jay-Z, Twista and others. Tim's Bio notably marks the on-record debut of Ludacris on "Phat Rabbit", later included on his major-label debut LP Back for the First Time (2000).

The music video for "Lobster & Scrimp" featuring Jay-Z premiered on January 4, 1999. It was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada, and directed by Timbaland (credited under his real name, Tim Mosley).

In August 2021, Blackground rebranded as Blackground 2.0, with Barry Hankerson remaini...


Release date24/11/1998
CountryUnited States
Label(s)Blackground Entertainment
Language, scriptLatin


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