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Zeitgeist is the seventh studio album by American rock band the Smashing Pumpkins, released on July 10, 2007 on Martha's Music and Reprise Records. Recorded solely by returning band members Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin, the album was the band's first since reuniting in 2006, and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Terry Date, alongside Corgan and Chamberlin themselves.

Preceded by the single, "Tarantula", the album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, but sales soon decreased, and critical reception was mixed. It was certified Gold in the United States on February 1, 2008. To tour in support of the release, Corgan and Chamberlin recruited touring members, Jeff Schroeder (guitar), Ginger Reyes (bass) and Lisa Harriton (keyboards), with Schroeder eventually becoming a core member of the band. The album was the last to feature Chamberlin until 2018's Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun....


Release date6 July 2007
CountryUnited States
Label(s)Martha's Music
Language, scriptLatin
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In their prime The Smashing Pumpkins were pompous, bombastic, almost apologetica...

In their prime The Smashing Pumpkins were pompous, bombastic, almost apologetically unfashionable but mostly just an awesome rock band.

Chief Pumpkin Billy Corgan seemed to be a grunge Morissey in the early 90s, massively ta...


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