We are a music information website

We are a general information website about all things related to music: whether it is about new music coming out, some entertaining TikTok trend, interesting footage from musicians, award show moments, funny tidbits of trivia about artists old and new, stories from the music business...

We chose to specifically highlight 3 topics that we think are core to the industry: news, reviews and trivia.

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We believe that music is for everybody

We think that anything that has to do with music is interesting, and worth discussing.

Music is arguably the most global art form there is, breaking down all kinds of barriers, be they linguistic, cultural or artistic. In this day and age, with music so easily accessible across the globe, we wish to celebrate this tremendous creativity that is for everybody to enjoy.

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We aim to start discussions

The aim of this website is not merely to showcase things, events or artists, but rather to spark exchanges about new creative endeavours, interesting musical creations and trailblazing craftsmen.

We are no experts, nor would we pretend to be: we are merely music lovers. Please embark on this artistic journey with us, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts along the way!

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