Something interesting is happening in music right now: while Taylor Swift started her career in country before crossing over to pop, another superstar is doing the exact opposite — Beyoncé.



Something interesting is happening in music right now — for a change. While Taylor Swift famously started her career in country before crossing over to pop in the most mainstream way, another superstar seems to be doing the exact opposite — that would be Mrs. Beyoncé.

As it happens, Beyoncé currently sits at the top of the country charts with her new song “Texas Hold ‘Em”, the very first time she ever reaches such heights in such a chart. Coincidentally, the song is also ranked #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, showing that is does have global appeal. A second single, “16 Carriages”, was also released on February 11th, also a country track, indicating that her upcoming eighth album, Act II, could be all country…

Indeed, “Texas Hold ‘Em” is unmistakably country-infused, a first for Beyoncé, who did everything from pop to rnb before, though never quite venturing into country. Until now. Despite the fact that she happens to be a born Texan, who would haved had all the credentials to talk about that life. But chose not to to create a persona that was may more identified by its soulfulness and rnb roots.

Coincidentally, this is not only a first in the young lady’s career: this is also the first time ever a Black woman tops the country charts. You read it right: never before had an African American woman been at the top of country music… And that leads us back to Taylor Swift: the racial devide is still quite strong when it comes to music, especially in a genre so eminently American as country.

And so, Beyoncé breaks yet another barrier in her incredible career. While Swift (literally) flirts with Middle America in a way she never did before, Mrs. Knowles becomes a cultural flag bearer of what it means to bridge yet another gap. Let us see how the album comes about and what she does next: waltzes?