For those following this blog, it's been months in the making. For those following the project, it's been years... but here we are: Sondz Alpha is now live!


We don’t know each other that well (yet): this blog has only been live for a few months. That’s barely enough to start a relationship, let alone engage yourself in one. Forgive the puns: we’ve been watching too many Christmas romances on Netflix (can you believe how many there are?!). In any event, here it is: we are positively thrilled to introduce Sondz Alpha, i.e. the very first public version of our website!

Although Sondz Alpha does not convey the full extent of our ambition — because ours is an unhealthily ambitious one… — you will already be able to browse through dozens of millions of pages:

  • Almost 2 million artists, complete with overviews, external links, key facts, band information, discographies, songs, collaborators and media content. Obviously, you have the right to check out other pages than this one
  • Over 2 million releases, complete with overviews, external links, key facts, track listings, participants and media content. Naturally, all walls are not meant to be literal…
  • Over 32 million songs, complete with overviews (if available), key facts, release information, participants, related songs and media content. And no, they don’t have to be featured in Wayne’s World
  • Almost 200 000 labels, complete with overviews, external links, key facts, related labels, artists, releases, management information, and media content. That includes labels who didn’t pass on The Beatles

So here we are, feel free to browse Sondz Alpha to your heart’s content (and then some), do not hesitate to let us know how much you love it (we also accept comments) and, as always, enjoy the music!