It's all in the name: we've moved on from Alpha to Beta. All in a year's work. But what does that entail exactly, we hear you ask behind your screen? Well, let us tell you...


Despite what the song chosen above may suggest, we are not (solely) here to congratulate ourselves on this new milestone in Sondz’ already storied existence. No, the real reason to celebrate today is that Sondz is now entering a new era with its Beta version, one in which information can truly be shared around… Meaning, we are all Champions, together!

But let’s rewind. First off, Sondz turns one year old today. On November 17th 2020, we excitingly released our Alpha version onto the world. From the get go (along with a few bugs we quickly sorted), our platform was rich on information about your favorite musicians, albums, songs… Across 23 million pages, all styles and eras, all geographies and communities. At least, as much as we possibly could. Ever since that day, we have consistently improved on the information presented, adding all sorts of facts, rich media and interesting connections into the mix. And we will obviously continue doing so, for it is our core purpose.

But, today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Beta version, and with it your ability to contribute to the platform. Now, to be fair, we actually started doing that a few weeks ago, but without quite telling anyone: for a little while now, you were able to log in to the Sondz platform using your Facebook or Google information and rate content. Any content: albums, songs, artists, labels… Anything that is on the site you can give a 1 to 5 star rating to. That’s the rule: anything that has to do with music can be judged, we think…

Today, we released two new key interactive features going even further: reviews and trivia. Now, once you are logged in to Sondz, you can write your review on any content page on the platform, hence giving a more comprehensive take on the topic at hand. Again, you can review anything, including labels (Atlantic or EMI well deserve a piece…) or artists directly. You can finally give a stellar review to both the band Queen and any and of its albums. Trust us: they’re all amazing. Also, you can vote on reviews posted by other users, so that the best voted review can be seen straight onto the content page. Let it be yours!

Finally, we added a feature that is well suited for deep cut music people: the ability to add any piece of trivia to any content page on the website. It may have to do with the history of a band or song, or about the making of an album, or about the personal lives of the people involved, or about the business side of the music industry… You write it, we’ll take it! There too, you’ll be able to vote for the best trivia on any page, so as to highlight the most interesting facts about Queen. Sorry, about whoever is your favorite band.

In short, with Sondz Beta, we are now entering an interactive phase in the website’s story, one where you can give your take and share the information you know about any bit of musical content. We are absolutely thrilled to give you the opportunity and very much hope you take it and run with it!