Georges-Henri Betbeze | CEO

Georges-Henri Betbeze

Co-Founder & CEO

Georges-Henri is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience in the field. Prior to starting Sondz, he worked for companies big and small as a digital and strategic marketing executive in countries including France, Russia and the UK.

At Sondz, Georges-Henri handles marketing & product-related aspects of the process, from working on user stories, to brainstorming new features... to writing pages like this one.

Paul-Hadrien Betbeze | Co-Founder & CTO

Paul-Hadrien Betbeze

Co-Founder & CTO

Paul-Hadrien is a data management expert and developer with 12+ years experience in all things technical. Prior to starting Sondz, he worked for various companies as a data management consultant and executive as well as chief compliance officer.

At Sondz, Paul-Hadrien handles all data-related topics as well as front and back-end development of the platform. And he rarely reads pages likes this one. He should: that's where we tell everyone he thinks unicorns are real.

Florent Christophe | Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Florent Christophe

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Florent is a web designer and front-end developer with 20+ years experience in the digital sphere. Prior to starting Sondz, he opened one of the early web design, digital consulting and design thinking companies in Paris, France.

At Sondz, Florent handles design & front-end aspects of the platform, from creating the best user experience, working on new features... to designing pages like this one.

Ayoub Hidri | Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

Ayoub Hidri

Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

Ayoub is a full stack developer with 20+ years experience in web development. Prior to starting Sondz, he worked for various companies as a technical consultant and developer, both in Tunisia and France.

At Sondz, Ayoub advises on all things technical, from tech stack choices to new feature implementation. And he doesn't know this page exists.

Alyx Laube | Developer

Alyx Laube


Alyx is a full stack developer with a knack for back-end programming. Prior to working at Sondz, she worked as a developer on a number of web and software projects — and is also a theater actress.

At Sondz, Alyx helps on developing new features as well as implementing regular updates on the platform. We didn't tell her about this page.